Conveyor Belt Loader

NS 645D – NS 725D – NS 800D – NS 900D

The conveyor belts loader are designed to convey baggage and goods into the aircraft hold; they are built on a sturdy steel chassis with driver’s seat on the left-hand side of the frame. Depending on requirements, the conveyor boom can have a length from 6450 mm to 9000 mm and can be equipped with a rear pantograph. The vehicle is characterised by a modular conveyor belt with elastomer grip. The modular structure of the conveyor belt, with high draining capacity, minimises water deposits and the possible formation of ice. It does not require tensioning and allows quick replacement even of small sections, thereby offering multiple benefits in terms of time and maintenance costs.

Equipped with the most modern safety and ple benefits in terms of time and maintenance costs. Equipped with the most modern safety and damage prevention systems, including turtle and snail speed, ultrasonic sensor. The vehicle is powered by a Perkins 404D-22 diesel engine 37.3 kW/50 bhp @2800 rpm positioned on the right-hand side of the frame. Hydrostatic transmission. Hydraulic power steering. Optional extras include open or closed cab, heating and air conditioning system, fixed or fold-down railings H = 1000 mm, fixed or fold-down handrails in aluminium H = 100 mm

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  • Fully comply with IATA standards
  • Modular conveyor belt with elastomer grip, no need for tensioning and alignment
  • Turtle and snail speed
  • Anticollision ultrasonic sensor
  • Bumper with sensor
  • Adjustable conveyor belt speed from 10 to 30 m/min
  • Capacity 135 kg/mt
  • Maximum inclination angle is 24°


  • Open or closed cab
  • Cabin heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Rear lifting scissor
  • Fixed or fold-down railings 1000 mm
  • Fixed or fold-down handrails 100 mm
  • Winter kit 220V -40 °C (heating for engine, battery and cabin)
  • Diesel engine DEUTZ 2011 L3 i
  • Yanmar engine diesel stage V
  • Canopy
  • Automatic transmission
  • Parking sensors
  • Customization upon client’s request