About us

DARMEC Technologies

From the first day of establishment, our Company has invested every effort in designing reliable and technologically advanced solutions. In these years we have built a solid partnership with our Customers and a fruitful collaboration. To guide us in this adventure are: the accurate understanding, the deep knowledge of the needs and particular requirements of our Customers, putting our know-how at the service of our Company strategy  characterized by a daily continues research and constant innovation.

The reliability, the ability to manage complex projects without sacrificing the quality of our products, the high flexibility and the quick responsiveness to the operational needs of ou Customers, these are the effective values which inspire the everyday work of Darmec.

In the production process Darmec Technologies uses ICT solutions implemented thanks to the contribution of the Voucher as per D.M. September 23, 2014 National Operational Program for Competitiveness and 2014-2020. In particular, the project entitled “Technological innovation in Darmec” has seen the development and implementation of a web application capable of supporting the management of components and spare parts present in our the warehouse and the creation of orders, following their arrival till dedicating them to the construction of single vehicle with special requirements and performance, with the aim  to improve the quality of production procedure making it faster, more effective and efficient.