Towed Passenger Stairs Variable Geometry

SGV 180-380TD – SGV 180-400TD

Passenger stairs with variable arrangement designed to serve aircraft with access doors between 1.8 and 3.8/4.0 metres. 15 steps with walking surface made of non-slip aluminium tread plate, 200 Kg capacity, h 1100 railings with rubber handrail, with overhead LED lights. Top platform: dimensions 1700 x 1850 mm, capacity 800 kg with non-slip aluminium tread plate, sliding side railings with locking latch and rubber buffer, gangway equipped with springs and rubber buffer to adapt to the fuselage.

The equipment is powered by a Yanmar single-cylinder stage V 6.8 KW (9.2 Hp) engine positioned centrally on the frame. On request, the equipment can be equipped with a motorised wheel and the most modern safety and damage prevention systems, including turtle and snail speed, ultrasonic sensor, and platform shock absorbers with sensor. Optional extras include the winter kit, open or closed canopy, and VIP kit.

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  • Fully comply with IATA standards
  • Operating range 1.8 – 3.8/4.0 metres
  • Engine stage V
  • Adjustable step height and tread


  • Motorised wheel with tow bar controls and anti-collision safety system with ultrasonic sensor, controlled traction speed and front shock absorber with sensor
  • Open Canopy
  • Closed Canopy
  • Customization upon client’s request