The new era of fruits harvest is called transporter

Transporter is the innovative self-propelled built by Darmec Technologies S.r.l. to revolutionize the tradi-tional system of loading, unloading and transport of containers for the fruit and vegetables harvest (plastic bins or wooden boxes)..

The device/machine is fit to work high safely inside all kinds of fruit and vegetables culti-vation/structure (trellis system, “Y” system, open-sky orchard) and is planned to cut 50% off the gathering price/cost, to increase productivity, to eliminate the disadvantage im-putable to traditional systems of containers movement.

Goodbye wastes and disadvantage of outdated systems

Traditional systems of harvest generally entailing lots of problems and disadvantages:

They are very expensive because of the crescent number of farm-tractors and drivers involved in the gathering that increase device usury, salary and fuel costs;

Farm-tractors are not manageable between fruits rows because of their huge size;

Using farm-tractors request workforce during the operations of loading and drainage of containers;

The level of security on work environment is reduced by the constant presence of farm-tractors and the need to work very close to the machines;

Farm-tractors generate noise and air pollution that can seriously threaten farmhand health and damage the good quality of fruits and vegetables.

Matchless performance

Transporter is an high-performance machinery designed to make loading, unloading and transport of bins easier and faster.

Thanks to a chaindeck that can be hydraulically raised, the device allows one person to loading bins, even when the vehicle is moving, to transporting them up to the drainage area and to easily unloading the bins, always working high safely.

The containers are picked up directly from the ground by a fork-lifter, placed in the front part of the self-propelled device, then raised up by hydraulic cylinder, in order to be moved to the rear part by motorized chains.

The bins unloading phase is likewise performed easily and quickly by tilting hydraulically the tipper platform and moving back the vehicle.

The containers are picked up from the ground by an inclinable fork equipped with rolls and motorized chains, in order to be conveyed to the fixed platform and finally moved towards the rear part of the device.

In the unloading phase firstly the fork is tilted then the containers are dragged towards the fork by the motorized chains placed on the fixed platform, finally the unloading is made automatically moving a little back with the machine.

Unbeatable benefits

Transporter can eliminate all the disadvantages coming from the obsolete systems of containers movement based on the use farm-tractors and towed trolley.

Half Prices

Transporter allow to cut 50% off the gathering price by saving the costs imputable to:

  • LABOUR COST – One vehicle and one driver can execute the same amount/lot of work performed by many farm-tractors used in the traditional system of harvest;
  • INCIDENTAL CHARGES – A huge save is granted for MAINTENANCE COSTS and FUEL COST.

Top productivity

Transporter heavily increase work productivity and work efficiency.

One Transporter can granting a bins movement of 1000 QUINTALS LOADED at day by easily charging 3 bins (mod “320S” e “325S”), 4 bins (mod. “428” and “iS4”), 5 bins (mod. “550” ,“550” and iS5) or 6 bins (mod. 650 ) at time.

Woeking high safety

Transporter is built respecting D.lgs 81.

The great advantage of using just one vehicle that works far away from the farmhands allowed to Transporter to increase workers safety and welfare during the harvest:

  • either by reducing POLLUTION (noises and exhaust emissions). First of all, because a reduced number of vehicles run on the ground. Further, Transporter only uses engines that meet all the requirements of the off-highway emissions legislation.
  • or by reducing WORK ACCIDENTS The farmhands always work far away from the machinery.‎

The ideal solution for any works.

The TRANSPORTER is a machine:‎

extremely VERSATILE. A machinery with a minimum obstruction and the best size to work high safely inside all kinds of fruit and vegetables cultivation;

very STABLE, even running full-loaded or moving on pitched grounds, thanks to hydrostatics transmission and the innovative design of horizontal chaindeck for weight distribution ;

Particularly MANAGEABLE Thanks to its 4 driving and steering wheels and the radial tire technology; special system that allows to the machine to “float” on disconnected slippery and wet soils. Therefore the TRANSPORTER is ideal for operating on clayey, sandy and muddy ground.

EASY TO DRIVE To make the machine motion easier, Transporter is equipped with a reversible driving seat, which in few seconds, allows the driver to reverse the guide direction with all the respective commands, even without getting off and to proceed facing the road from which he came. The iS models are equipped in the front, with practical rearview cam for easier reversing and loading.