Telescopic Passenger Stairs Electrical

TSP 4518E – TSP 4520E – TSP 5822E – TSP 6022E

The TSP passenger stairs are designed to serve narrow, medium and wide body aircraft with access door height depending on the models between 1800 and 6000 mm. The vehicles are equipped with a telescopic ramp that allows to adjust the height thereby ensuring the best conditions of safety and comfort for passengers. The step width in the standard version is 1290 mm while the platform width is 2450 mm (TSP 4518D – TSP 4520D) and 2663 mm (TSP 5822D – TSP 6022D). All walking surfaces are covered in non-slip aluminium and are illuminated by LED lights.

The driving and positioning operations under the aircraft are carried out from the driver’s cab. The equipment includes the most modern safety and damage prevention systems, including turtle and snail speed, ultrasonic the most modern safety and damage prevention systems, including turtle and snail speed, ultrasonic sensor, and platform shock absorbers with sensor. The vehicle is equipped with a 300 Ah traction battery that powers the electric traction motor, the electric motor for the hydrostatic power steering, the movement of the ramp and the stabilisers. It has an automatic electric transmission and hydraulic power steering. Optional extras include double cab, closed cab, heating, air conditioning, winter kit, step width 1500 mm, platform width 3000mm, open or closed canopy, safety shoe, and VIP set-up.

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  • Fully comply with IATA standards
  • Turtle and snail speed
  • Anticollision ultrasonic sensor
  • Bumper with sensor
  • Zero emissions into the atmosphere


  • Double cab
  • Closed cab
  • Cabin heating
  • Steps width 1500 mm
  • Platform width 3000 mm
  • Air conditioning
  • Battery traction 450Ah or 640Ah
  • Safety shoe
  • Open or closed canopy
  • Automatic transmission
  • Parking sensors
  • Customization upon client’s request