Towed Lavatory Service Unit Electric

The towed lavatory servicing units are designed for aircraft toilet discharge/replenishment services with high standards of safety, reliability and hygiene. They are built on a sturdy chassis equipped with a fixed rear axle and a rigid front axle connected to a rotating bearing coupling with tow bar and hook.

The axle is equipped with a brake pad which activates by raising the tow bar in a vertical position and which is automatically operated in case of accidental unhooking. 3 mm thick embossed finish stainless steel AISI 304 tank, depending on the model, the load capacity of the water tank is 200 or 650 litres, while the waste tank has a capacity of 300 or 1250 litres.

On request, the unit can be maximum height of 1600 mm. The vehicle is equipped with a 225 Ah battery to power all the vehicle’s functions. The water system includes a brass transfer pump, a digital litre-counter with a preset automatic stop, a transfer pressure regulator, automatic backflow, and a 4-metre long hose with standard aircraft coupling.

On request, the vehicle can be equipped with a side channel vacuum pump with overflow valve and an automatic system for washing the waste tank.

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  • Fully comply with IATA standards
  • Tanks mad of stainless steel AISI 304, thickness 3 mm.
  • Water pump with supply capacity of 90 l/min.
  • Digital litre counter with preset automatic stop
  • 2″ valve for complete tank draining
  • Zero emissions into the atmosphere


  • Hydraulic lifting platform 1600 mm
  • Extendable ladder
  • Equipment for low temperature
  • Automatic waste tank washing
  • Insulation box
  • Vacuum pump
  • Motorised wheel
  • Manual emergency pump
  • Anti-collision sensors on the platform (ultrasonic or antenna)
  • Customization upon client’s request