Potable Water Unit Commercial Chassis

AP 900C – AP 3000C – AP 3250C – AP 4000C

The main purpose of using water unit is to supply aircrafts of potable water and to discharge old water from aircraft in complete respespect of safety standards, liability and guaranteed hygiene. The upperstructure is mounted on metal-lic chassis fixed on the main vehicle chassis; it’s compose of n. 2 tanks (water and drainage tanks) made of stainless steel ASISI 304, 3 mm thickness and a manhole Ø 500 and dumping valve of 2” for the total water discharfge.

The tanks capacity are variable and different as per various models: The potable water capacity average is between 600-3000lt, while it‘s between 300 – 1000lt. for drainage water. At the rear of the vehicle, the equipment can be pro-water. At the rear of the vehicle, the equipment can be pro-vided with hydraulic lifting platform up to 3000mm fromthe ground level.

The platform can be equipped with anti-collision sensors (ultrasonic or antenna) Upon request, the tanks and all connected components can be covered by insulated box. The water circuit consists of water supply pump with capacity of 90lt/min., digital water meter with preset automatic stop, plastic water filter an stainless steel cartridge of 70 µ, water pressure adjustment, automatic suction of residual water in the hoses, water hose long 4mt. with standard aircraft connector coupling.

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  • Fully comply with IATA standards.
  • Able to serve all kind of aircrafts.
  • Tanks mad of stainless steel AISI 304, thickness 3 mm.
  • Water pump with supply capacity of 90 l/min.
  • Digital litre counter with preset automatic stop
  • Plastic water filter, and stainless steel cartridge 70 µ.
  • 2″ valve for complete tank draining


  • Insulation box
  • Webasto heating under the box
  • Hydraulic lifting platform 1800/3000 mm
  • Anti-collision sensors on the platform (ultrasonic or antenna)
  • Parking sensors
  • Hose reel
  • Housing sensors for couplings
  • Connectors heating
  • Tank heating
  • Detergent system